Christian dating

Whether you’re a Christian yourself or dating a Christian, our dating articles can offer you advice and tips on Christian dating, including ideas on where to meet other people of the same faith, what to look for in a Christian dating companion and how your beliefs can be at the centre of your relationship.

Where to meet Christian singles

If you’re hoping to meet someone who has a faith in common with yours, taking time to get to know some of the people who attend your local place of worship can be a great start. Our guide on meeting Christian singles also explains the potential of meeting like-minded people at specialist events such as Christian concerts, as well as networking through family and friends. Another popular option is online dating, which allows you to filter your prospective dates according to their religion and central it is to their lives.

Making Christian connections

In our article about making Christian connections, we offer advice to Christians who are considering dating someone of a different faith, and we also give some tips on dating a Christian if you don’t share the Christian faith yourself. We also consider differing views on dating and ask, if you’re dating someone new and you’re a Christian, when is the right time to talk to your partner about your vision for the relationship?

The benefits of Christian dating

Looking to date another Christian but having trouble finding someone right for you? Take a look at our article about the benefits of Christian dating. Here, we talk about why online dating can help you find the one you are looking for, particularly if your search is centred around finding someone within your faith.

We explain why distance doesn’t have to be an obstacle to love and suggest how you can tailor your online searches to make sure you’re getting the right results. We also show how online dating can be perfect if you have a busy schedule, allowing you to search for the right Christian partner from the privacy of your own home, no matter how busy your day has been.

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