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Finding a place to go on your date can be challenging.
Sure, the first date is easy- you go to dinner or a coffee because you can have good conversation and get to know each other.
Once the ice is broken its time to have some fun. Here is my list of top fun places to take you date.

Free Online Dating Great Date Ideas 1. Bowling

Especially glow bowling, it can be a fun, relaxing way to get to know each other.
You aren’t in each others’ faces constantly as one person has to be on the approach to bowl, but you have enough time in between turns to continue to chit chat.
Plus, it allows for friendly bets such as Most Strikes, Highest Score and Most Splits to be made.

Free Online Dating Great Date Ideas 2. Zoo/Aquarium

An aquarium or zoo can be a fun way to share any knowledge you may have about animals and sea life.
Plus, most of these places will stage shows throughout the day, providing you with a much needed break from interaction.

Free Online Dating Great Date Ideas 3. Arcade

Step back into your childhood for a few hours, and have fun playing your favorite games!
This is a great opportunity to showoff, if you have serious dance skills or are a pinball wizard.
You can also find arcades that serve alcohol, which is good to help you loosen up a little.

Free Online Dating Great Date Ideas 4. Dog Park

Do you and your date both have dogs? What better way to get to know each other than by taking them to a dog park together?
This makes the date more about socializing your dogs, and not as stressful as dinner and a movie would be.
You can share tips as pet owners, without feeling the forced interaction a date usually brings.

Free Online Dating Great Date Ideas 5. Be a Tourist

You might know your city like the back of you hand, who cares!
That does not mean you can’t have fun acting like a tourist.
Grab your date and a camera or two and head to some local landmarks.
Snap away, and make goofy faces! It’s a low stress way to get to know each other, and you can take one of the guided tours to learn more about your city.

Free Online Dating Great Date Ideas 6. Subway Date

Want to try something totally different?
Buy a day pass, hop on the subway and then hop off at random stops with a goal in mind.
Goal ideas could be to find a mom and pop bakery or coffee shop, locate a street vendor for a quick lunch, or find a used bookstore and buy a book.
Time limits could make this activity even more fun!

Free Online Dating Great Date Ideas 7. Laser tag

Surprisingly, it’s actually a good setup for a first date.
You have the 20 minutes or so of game time, followed by another 20+ of waiting, which can be used to get to know each other.
It’s sporty, fun and hey, who doesn’t want to run with a bunch of 15 year olds and act like a kid yourself once in a while?

These are out of the box ideas that will surely make a fun date. Get away from the norms and branch out. Your date will thank you for it. It allows you to be vulnerable and get loose. This is a great way to build on connect and chemistry. Have fun!

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