Lachido Become a Better Dater: The Secrets About Men.

Often, woman get really confused when it comes to men. Lachido wants to shed some light on what men are really thinking.
What do men really want? I went in search and what you’ll find out in this article is the insiders look from the mans perspective for women on
dating tips that will help you understand what the elusive man is thinking.

Become a Better Dater Tip 1:

Be independent. Don’t make your man ‘the be all, end all’.
If you make him your whole world he will begin to lose interest in you and the relationship.
When a man feels like he is being smothered, he will revolt. Remember the girl whom he fell in love with, the girl with passions, drive and desires’.
Incorporate him into your life without making him your entire life.
Men are drawn to confidence, make sure you show your man that you are your own person and he will want to be apart of that naturally.

Become a Better Dater 2:

Don’t over do it on a date.
It’s fine to have a glass of wine on a night out.
It helps to loosen up and let things flow. However, having 3 glasses is excessive.
You’ll want to show the man who you are, not the drunk you. Be yourself and he will like that much more.
Furthermore, please order a real meal. Don’t have a small salad, eat what you want you want.
Men love that, a real woman, a real person who can have a good meal.
You’re out to impress and its transparent that you won’t order the menu items you actually enjoy.

Become a Better Dater 3:

A lot of men have a hard time committing. The thought of commitment scares most men.
You need to give him space. Don’t push him into something he isn’t sure of.
Although you might think he is the one, you have to be patient and wait for him to catch up.
He will wonder how after only two dates and a sleep over you’re ready to get married.
It’s recommended that you wait until at least the fourth date until you have the talk.
The talk about where you think the relationship is heading, or if it should be even called at relationship.
Don’t be scared to give him time and space, he will come around.

Become a Better Dater 4:

Put the mobile phone down! Stop, stop, stop texting and calling every 5 minutes.
If you’re constantly trying to make contact you will come off as crazy.
The last thing you’ll want to do is nag the life out of your wanted man. Let him reach out to you.
Show that you believe in yourself enough, that he will call you back.

The moral of the story is, men want a relationship with a woman he knows is confident and shows restraint.
Don’t over analyze the date and take it things slow, if its meant to be the relationship will develop at a pace that is comfortable for everyone involved.

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