Lachido Men To Avoid Dating

The “Kevin Federlines” – Men To Avoid Dating – no. 1

How to spot him: thugged out clothes, cap, chains, Playboy bunny logo is on him somewhere, usually smells like marijuana and Cool Water cologne

Why he is bad for you? This guy is only interested in what you have. Either it’s a ride, your own apartment (because he probably lives with mommy and daddy) He’s also got at least 3 mistresses or baby mamas under his belt. (They’re the ones who call when you’re together and he just ignores their calls) He thinks he’s black, when in most cases, he’s not. Lacks any empathy, career ambition, and any chance of staying true to you. (Unless it’s the winter…but come spring, watch out!) He’s most likely a nympho and he’s also trying to make money the fastest way possible…Do I need to explain further?

Why Women Think They’re Attracted to Him: Charming, popular, and a great kisser

Where he’ll most likely lurk: Bus terminals, passenger side of his buddy’s car, a club, the mall. (most likely the food court)

“The Reggie Mantles” – Men To Avoid Dating – no. 2

How to Spot him: He’s an amazing dresser, he’s got a distinctive walk, smells great, hair is flawless, and you can follow the glances of the gawking girls..

Why he is bad for you? This guy is so conceited and thinks he’s the best. He brags about all the attention he gets and is most likely very superficial. If you don’t look up to par one day in his standards, he will let you know immediately. If you’re walking in the mall with him and get checked out by another guy, he’s the kind of guy who will accuse that of being a homosexual and checking him out instead. He will break your esteem faster than Simon Cowell could. He’s got millions of pictures of himself, pictures of flawless models in his room which he uses as a guideline for his women, his BBM names are always big and bold saying phrases like “I’M THE KING” and you are most likely only a trophy to him.

Why Girls Think They’re Attracted to Him: We mistake his vanity for confidence, his smile, and our own shallowness gets the best of us

Where he’ll most likely lurk: Anywhere where there’s a huge mirror, or anything that shows a reflection, he usually hangs out with his posse of ugly friends that make him look better at clubs, bars, or malls…basically anywhere where women can gawk at him.

Mr. Casanova – Men To Avoid Dating – no. 3

How to Spot Him: He is every girl’s definition of the perfect man. His eyes twinkle, he’s got dimples, an amazing memory, and his smile can make you faint. He also may be someone quite popular and well known. Maybe a musician or actor. He meets you and he seems to ignore every other gawking girl. He seems to only have eyes for you……or so you think.

Why he is bad for you? Girls, we are all guilty of doing this…one time or another falling for a guy who seems to be hopelessly in love with us. Isn’t it funny how he seems so in love from the moment you meet? He takes you to this perfect restaurant, a perfect place to look at the stars, and gives you your favourite flower? He asks personal details about you and manipulates you in to thinking he wants to get serious…you give it up…and then you never hear from him again. Girls, if he seems too good to be true–especially at the beginning,it’s probably because he’s working his angle on you. These guys are sleaze. They are the greatest actors for they’re not scared of holding your hand right away, PDA, or telling you they love you. Also do not mistake their amazing memory for proof that they are really listening to everything you say…they are simply retaining that info to regurgitate to you at one point to help get you in the sack as soon as they possibly can. (and it’s usually quite soon!) You are not his one and only. You are a conquest…one of many. This guy can cause a lot of damage. SO watch out!

Why girls are attracted to him: Not only is he charming, and smooth, and suave…but he makes a girl feel special..he also makes her feel special that he chose her. He seems to have all the qualities girls look for in a man.

Where he will most likely lurk: The young ones who are new to the game will go to places where they can easily meet girls. School, clubs, malls, bars. The more experienced ones will go to weddings, (yes, Wedding Crashers is not complete fiction!) friend’s parties, bookstores/libraries, coffeeshops, grocery stores

Mr. Mama’s Boy or Mr. Sensitivity – Men To Avoid Dating – no. 4

How to Spot him: He’s an indoor kind of guy…you may hardly spot him outside of school, work, or functions. He strikes you as the sweetest guy in the world….Loves his family with a passion. He most likely lives at home.

Why is he bad for you? If he’s a mama’s boy, GIVE IT UP IMMEDIATELY. First of all, you’ll never be good enough for your man in his mother’s eyes and his mother’s opinion is HOLY to him. He’ll most likely be bound to her for life, or she will most likely be living with you if you two were to ever get married! LEAVE!! You’re always going to be number 2 to him. Why is a sensitive man bad for you? Girls always dream of a man with sensitivity,but most times if they display it as much as we do, they’re probably a little TOO soft. He cries at every sad movie, He gets mad if you don’t call on a regular basis, he’s clingy, he tells you he wants to “make love” to you..(Cheeseball alert!!) He sometimes cries after he orgasms, and he’s a cuddler–and not because YOU like to cuddle. He may be emotionally available to you, but he’s usually makes himself WAY Too available. He will bring down your libido and make you long for the days when you dated bad boys.

Why Girls are Attracted to him:-He seems caring, empathetic, sweet, and a great listener.

Where he most likely lurks: Usually always on Facebook (homebody), or the self help section in the bookstore

“The Frasier Cranes” – Men To Avoid Dating – no. 5

How to Spot him: He’s very intellectual, most likely has glasses, and carries his laptop around with him where ever he goes. If you don’t run in his circle, he won’t notice you.

Why is he bad for you? This guy is a KNOW IT ALL…or at least he thinks he knows it all….and guess what? He likes to think he knows EVERYTHING about you. He likes to analyze you, and pick you apart. Basically he tells you why you are the way you are (i.e. Why you are screwed up) and tries to “Fix” you like you are actually broken. Not only that, but he thinks he knows more than YOU. He’s certain he’s smarter, and let’s you know that on a regular basis. He usually brags about his I.Q. and whatever you say, he will debate with you to no end just to prove you are wrong and he is right. This guy will drive you crazy and if your esteem is low, he may also brainwash you into thinking you are neurotic and borderline stupid.

Why girls are attracted to him: His brains and his glasses.

Where he most likely lurks: Arthouse theaters, Starbucks with his laptop, libraries, bookstores

MR. BIGS – Men To Avoid Dating – no. 6

How to Spot him: He is an established, hard working man. He’s charming, confident, not vain and very grown up. He has a style and personality that is unlike anybody else by far. He is the man you will fall hopelessly in love with.

Why he is bad for you? This online relationship list wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Mr. Big. This man is not an jerk on purpose. He is a great friend and a great lover but he’s never going to be emotionally available to you. He keeps you at a distance, be it he had his heart broken, too many bad experiences, or other priorities in his life. Time spent with him will always be enjoyable, yet the thought of a long term relationship scares the living daylights out of him. You won’t meet his family. He won’t want to meet yours. As soon as you make yourself emotionally available to him, he will bail. He will always come back, but he’ll never give himself to you completely.

Why girls are attracted to him: His style, his voice, the way he presents himself.

Where he most likely lurks: Unfortunately, anywhere is possible…

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