Lachido The Appeal of a Bad Boy

What is it that makes a bad boy so appealing? Whether it’s just a movie character, or a guy in real life, we’ve all fallen for a bad boy at some point in our dating lives. But why do we like them?
Are there different types of bad guys, and if so, can they all be rehabilitated, or are they lost causes?

The Types:

There tend to be two basic types of bad boy, Redeemable and Irredeemable.
A lot of these men tend to be hardened bachelors, with no intention of ever getting married.
The redeemable ones are the ones who hold the most promise, but let’s save those for later.

Here are some of the typical types of Irredeemable Bad Boys:


You know this type, you and your friends have probably dated more than your fair share. It’s all about the ‘game’ for them, and how many pieces of ass they can run at the same time without getting caught. And, before you try to interject, YES, these types will ONLY see you as a piece of ass, and nothing more. If you aren’t looking for anything exclusive or long term either, you’ll be a great match!


These are the guys who conveniently misplace their wallets whenever you go to dinner, or come over for a dinner date and eat and drink your entire weeks worth of groceries. These are also the guys who will try to do their laundry at your place to save money because his laundry room is ‘under renovation.’ Avoid these ones at all costs, or you’ll end up blowing through your savings faster than a fat kid eating cake.


These guys only care about making a quick buck, and will throw even their loved ones under the bus to get it. If you choose to be with this type, never let him into your wallet, or see you Social Insurance Number. He will only make sacrifices if he gets something in return, that’s usually worth more that what you got. How can you tell he’s a hustler? He always seems to have excess cash to blow and numerous credit cards (most likely under different names).


These are by far the most dangerous of all. They will initially be the sweetest, most sensitive,perfect guys you could imagine. Over time, they will gradually become manipulative emotionally and/or physically, and will see nothing wrong with their actions.

Redeemable Bad Boys are the types you tend to see in the movies, and aren’t really found often in real life. Think Danny in Grease, Johnny in Dirty Dancing, and Sebastian in Cruel Intentions. They are technically bad boys with bed reputations, but something (usually a female) causes them to see the error of their ways and try to make amends by the end of the film. This is part of the reason so many women love bad boys, they feel they can change them, and offer them some sort of redemption to become the man they are supposedly capable of. Don’t fall for it! These types of men are VERY few and VERY far between.

Why We Like Them:

It may seem obvious, that bad guys would not be good for us, but there’s something about them that makes women swoon. The reason they tend to win out over the nice guys is that the bad boys are assertive, confident and outgoing. They will never hesitate to make the first move, or worry about what people will think of anything they say. He will maintain his confidence regardless of whatever anyone else says, and that’s a major turn on. The nice guys that get friend zoned are usually the ones who value the other person’s feelings to the point that they will hesitate to act, in fear of hurting someone. Being a people pleaser just leads to being walked all over, and that’s never an attractive quality. Trust me, we will take advantage of that.

To get the girl, guys need to walk a fine line between the nice guy and the bad boy. It takes time, practice and skill to master, but once you do, you are gold! Toss out the complacency and replace it with some confidence and assertiveness. Don’t be afraid to make a move, and don’t let women walk all over you. Fake confidence if you need to!

And for women, the bottom line is that you can’t simply win these guys over, they have to want to change. If they don’t see anything wrong with their behavior, then run, don’t walk!

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