Lesbian dating

Dating someone whose friends and family don’t yet know they are a lesbian can be a challenge, but coming out is a huge milestone, whether you chose to come out as a teen or later in life, it’s important to remember that not everyone will feel ready at the same time. So what if you’ve fallen for someone who hasn’t yet come out? If you really like them it shouldn’t put you off, but bear in mind that certain situations may be more difficult for them. That being said there are also some benefits of lesbian dating!

It’s a lot easier to treat each other as equals when you are dating someone of the same sex.
You don’t have to play by old fashioned gender rules that say a guy has to be the one to ask a girl out, pay for everything and then make the first move sexually.

When two guys, or two girls go out, they have a lot more freedom than their straight peers. Because same sex relationships are new to a lot of people, there are fewer family and societal expectations to live up to.


Lesbian dating: the benefits

After numerous studies on lesbian dating it is thought that gay and lesbian couples, “appeared to have more relationship satisfaction, [than heterosexual couples] suggesting that the inequality of opposite-sex relationships can take a toll.” The same study found that same-sex couples argued, they tended to fight more fairly and that they were less likely to use controlling or hostile emotional tactics than were straight couples. Now this list isn’t trying to imply that there aren’t any healthy hetero relationships out there — there are plenty. But it is a reminder that while there are a lot of tough things about being in a same sex relationship, there are also a lot of rewarding ones!

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