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For a lot of modern day singles, a lack of time can often have a detrimental effect on our love lives. If a busy working lifestyle and an already jam-packed social life determines how most of our time is spent – when exactly are we meant to find the time to meet new people? Or even the motivation?

Lifestyle Dating begins at home.

lifestyle-dating Your living situation says SO much about you, and it’s not something you can avoid. If you want to date or have sex, there probably going to see where you live. It’s not about having the fancy address or the luxury mansion. Use your living space to tell a story about yourself and hint that there’s more to come. Improving these areas of your life will help you be more attractive. Use your home to show your identity. Did you bond over travel stories? Have pictures or objects from your travels kicking around. Each should have a story behind it. Did you say you are passionate about cooking? Don’t have an empty fridge. Everything about fashion also applies to your home. Everything about how you look to how you live is a deliberate choice that you made. Being true to an attractive identity is more important than fancy furniture or how big your mortgage is.

Lifestyle Dating you are who you spend time with.

OK, that’s not literally true, but it’s true enough for a single who might date you. Are your friends boring and unexciting? Are they all party animals? Is your TV your best friend, or do you have an interesting life?


Lifestyle Dating your job is not an excuse.

Some jobs can be lifestyle dating killers. Whether you’re working a million hours per week, busy every evening, weekend and holiday, your time is never your own, or if you have to live somewhere you don’t want – these are real lifestyle dating problems.
Unless it’s part of your identity and passion (e.g., endless shifts at the hospital could be worth it if you’re on your way to being a doctor and love medicine), fix this. There are other jobs. Even in this economy.

Ironically, a lot of people in these 75-hour workweeks got into these careers because they wanted a better lifestyle. Do above-average pay, expensive clothes, and nice cars make you more attractive? All things being equal, sure. But 9 times out of 10, you will be more interested in a person with interesting friends, experiences, and time and passion to pursue them over the banking drone who hates his job but can afford fancy restaurants.

It’s your life. If you don’t like something, change it. No one else will change it for you.

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