Racial Dating preferences

The dilemma confronting everyone who is single, whether black, white, or from any other ethnic heritage. Fundamentally, racial dating preferences is the same no matter who you are. Romance is completely color blind and knows no boundaries. Still, it is true that the pool of potential partners shrinks when you are searching for someone who belongs to your particular ethnic group.


Racial Dating preferences attraction

While some people will say some races look better than others, and they feel no attraction whatsoever to a certain one, could that even be true? Every race has its unattractive people (by mainstream society’s standards) to its knock out gorgeous people, and everything in between.

So if you took the best looking people from each race (the complete package, perfect face, perfect body, well educated, amazing personality, and lets even say they have perfectly compatible personalities with you), and presented them, on a pure biological standpoint could anybody safetly say that they would feel no attraction whatsoever? To any of them? Ex, someone who would normally write that they only date white/Hispanic guys and you presented a very attractive Asian person ( who falls under the same criteria above), would that person be able to feel no attraction whatsoever? We all are the same species, have the same body parts, biological functions, just different skin complexions.


Racial Dating preferences stereotypes

There are alot of stereotypes, cliques, and images that have been implanted by the media into our minds about other races, i.e most black guys are thugs who sell drugs , white guys are usually successful career wise and are wealthy, Asian women only date white men for said stereotype, etc. We have all these bogus claims burrowed into our subconsciousness, nobody can lie and say that these don’t play in the back of your head when you see someone, no matter what your stances are on it. And it seems like it plays a prominent role in how we choose to date people.

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