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Now that we’ve done the obligatory family time over the break, it’s time to start planning that next holiday: New Years!
(Which is always more fun, since we aren’t required to socialize with crazy Aunt Carole, or that uncle who always gets a little handsy when drinking.) Now you get to spend it with that special someone, so why not make it as romantic as possible???

Romantic new years eve ideas 1. Getaway

With all the sites available now that are devoted to giving the average Joe amazing deals, there’s a few who specifically look for vacation deals. While they usually last only a couple days, given that New Years is right around the corner, this may be your best bet if you are looking to isolate yourselves for a night.

Romantic new years eve ideas 2. Budget Night

If you spent way more than you intended on your loved ones during the holidays, why not plan out a nice home-cooked romantic meal for your partner? Search the internet for recipes that you normally dont make, have both of you dress in your best, and after the meal, put on some sort music and dance the night away for free! Also, if you engage in some dirty dancing, your bedroom is only a few steps away! Don’t forget to turn off your phones to make it a truly quiet night for the two of you.

Romantic new years eve ideas 3. Romantic Midnight Walk

Wait until it’s fairly close to midnight, and then take your partner on a nice moonlit walk around your neighbourhood.
Bonus points if there’s been a recent snowfall to enjoy, and you can have a snowball fight! Plus, once midnight hits, you can listen to all the celebrations happening in your neighbour’s homes, and yet still have your own privacy.

Romantic new years eve ideas 4. Ice Skating

Many ice skating rinks will be open late on New Years, and nothing says Christmas holidays like ice skating!
To make it even more fun (or difficult, dependong on how you look at it), do some pre-drinking before you go and then see how well you can keep your balance!
If you cant find an open skating rink, just sneak onto an outdoor one that has closed for the night. Just beware of any security!

Romantic new years eve ideas 5. Enjoy a Scenic View

Does your area have a restaurant or nightclub with a great view of the rest of the city?
If it does, try to get reservations and spend a romantic evening eating, dancing, and looking out over a beautifully lit city.

Romantic new years eve ideas 6. Classic Movie Night

Are you a classic movie fan? Is your partner?
Why not each pick a couple of your favorite classic films and spend your New Years Eve marathoning them!

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