What Is Your Body Language Saying

its something we use in our everyday lives to enhance our chances of the men and women we are attracted to, to take notice of us.
However, do we use it effectively? This article will take a look on how to be successful with What Is Your Body Language Saying.

Sometimes it isn’t what we say, or even what we do, but our positioning that gives away our feelings and thoughts.
It can be conscious or subconscious; we may not even realize we are doing it.
Being able to ‘get’ a person by looking at their basic body language can open up tons of doors, not only in dating, but when it comes to careers, health, and learning.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to use your body to let someone know you are interested:

What Is Your Body Language Saying? The Eyebrows:

for less than a second when you make eye contact with someone you find attractive,
there is an almost imperceptible eyebrow raise, and if they person is attracted to you in return, their eyebrows will raise back.
It sounds kind of lame, but I can guarantee you, it does happen. Reason being, that it will open our eyes to allow more light,
which will in turn make our eyes and face look inviting. It’s easy to miss, so next time you catch someone’s eye, pay close attention!

What Is Your Body Language Saying? Playing with their Hair:

When women are attracted to someone, we tend to play with our hair in some way.
When we grab locks beside our faces, or at the bottom in the front and start twisting it around and around, its a sign we are interested.
And not only women do this. Men will try to subtly mess up or adjust their own hair when getting ready to approach someone they are interested in.

What Is Your Body Language Saying? The Glass Grope:

When men are interested in women, they tend to subconsciously squeeze or roll the glass that he is drinking from side-to-side.
As creepy as it may sound, they are reminded of your breasts, and will start playing with circular objects.

What Is Your Body Language Saying? Leaning Towards You:

When conversing with someone you are attracted to, keep an open posture (no crossed arms, with your upper body facing directly at them),
and lean forward (but not too much).

What Is Your Body Language Saying? Eye Contact:

But not just ANY eye contact. It is that move where you look up, catch someone’s eye, and then look away.
Wait a few seconds; look back up, and this time hold the eye contact for about 3 seconds.
Once you become engaged in conversation, eye contact is still just as important. Avoiding contact and being shifty can be misinterpreted as disinterest,
even though you may just be shy.

What Is Your Body Language Saying? Licking Your Lips:

This can be conscious or unconscious.
There are usually a couple reasons for this.
If they are nervous, our saliva glands tend to dry up a little bit, making us want to lick our lips to bring moisture back. Or, like our friends in the animal kingdom, when we see something we desire, we tend to lick our lips in anticipation.

What Is Your Body Language Saying? Be Confident:

Having a confident posture shows that you are secure within yourself and will not end up being a clingy partner.
Stand straight, with shoulders up as you walk and keep your head held high!

Keep an eye out for some of these behaviors next time you are out on a date, or out with friends and see how well they work!

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